"I'm not sure what plan I need for my business."

Get the financing you need for the job you do.

At Daimler Truck Financial, each customer is unique. We built our reputation on decades of experience and a full range of finance options. Our business is founded on successful partnerships with customers just like you - because we don’t succeed until you do.

Our customers range from independent owner operators with 1-10 units, to large mega fleets with over 750 units, and everything in between. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff who work with you to identify and address your specific needs.

  • Owner Operator

    Owner Operator
    If you operate up to 10 trucks, you qualify as an owner operator or small business.

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  • Fleet

    Businesses that operate over 11 trucks are considered fleets with Daimler Truck Financial. If you are a fleet owner or manager, chances are you already know you need fleet financing, but if you are a business owner with around 11 trucks, our fleet financing could be right for you.

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  • Vocational

    Whether your business is moving flowers, timber, or produce, our special vocational finance program can help you do it more affordably - over the short run and the long haul.

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  • Municipalities

    Not sure if managing your city's fleet qualifies you as fleet owner or a municipality? For starters, it has less to do with the number of trucks you operate, and more to do with how you operate them.

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  • Agriculture

    If your main revenue stream is from agriculture, we have the program for you. Owner Operators and Fleets are both eligible based on approved credit.

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