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Truck Leasing

From a cash-flow standpoint, leasing can be an attractive way to secure the financing of your commercial vehicles, and is viewed as a financial advantage for many truck operators. By combining the flexible lease terms with your business needs, you can enjoy the benefits of lower monthly payments compared to loan financing. Some other benefits include:

  • Fixed payments
  • Full disclosure of payment terms and options
  • Having the residual value known in advance, at time of contract signing

We offer a variety of different lease programs, some with potential “off-balance sheet” benefits. One such lease that we have is our Option Lease. This distinctive lease program is available to fleet customers and meets many of the key requirements of today’s fleet business:

  • Lower monthly payment
  • Guaranteed residual values by Daimler Trucks North America which ultimately reduces your exposure
  • Could potentially qualify as an Operating Lease or “off-balance sheet” (please consult with your accountant regarding the potential for “off-balance sheet” implications)

Similar to our loan programs, our lease programs can be tailored to meet your unique business needs. Whether you are an owner operator or a fleet, when you lease your truck with us, you can be assured of a variety of payment options based on your cash flow.

  • Skip payments could be offered based on the seasonality of your business
  • We can also offer extended terms

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