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Protection Products

Protection Products

For your complete peace of mind, we also provide the financing of complementary protection products for you and your trucks. We understand that your trucks are more than just vehicles, they are pivotal components to your business’ success. That is why we will not only help you finance your commercial vehicles, but we have protection programs that can protect you, your drivers, and your vehicles in the event of unexpected challenges.

Please contact your local dealership for more details on the programs listed below.

Life & Disability Protection Products

Loan Repayment Protection ensures your payments are made when you are not in the driver’s seat due to a disability, death or critical illness. It's a financial safety net for you and the people who depend on you.

Creditor Life Protection Products

If you were to suffer a fatal injury or illness, life coverage will pay off the insured portion of your loan or lease. This means that your family can keep the equipment, continue the income stream and not have the strain of heavy monthly loan payments.

Creditor Disability Protection Products

If you become totally disabled due to an injury or sickness and are unable to work, disability coverage will take care of your insured monthly payments, allowing you to focus on what's most important – you.

Critical Illness

Pays off or reduces the balance of your loan or lease if you are diagnosed with a specific life-threatening illness or condition.

Debt Waiver

We have a group of valuable Debt Waiver products available for you to consider when entering into a loan or lease. These products complement your primary insurance by providing added financial advantages over what your primary insurer can offer. They are available as a bundle or as a stand-alone on New and Used trucks and related equipment.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

If your truck or related equipment is declared a total loss in an accident, fire or theft, there can be a significant difference between the amount your insurer will cover and the balance owed to Daimler Truck Financial.

When you purchase GAP with your truck or related equipment, the difference between the actual cash value and the amount still owing on your loan or lease will be waived.

In addition, when you replace your truck or related equipment with Daimler Truck Financial, you will be entitled to a reimbursement of the physical damage deductible you paid when claiming a total loss.

Down Payment Waiver

To help replace your truck or related equipment after a total loss, your down payment (cash or trade, max $30,000) will be credited towards the replacement purchase or lease when you finance your new unit with Daimler Truck Financial. For just a few extra dollars a month, you can add this down payment protection to your GAP product, and reap the benefits of making a replacement purchase that much easier.

Accident Downtime Protection

Provides a reimbursement to your loan or lease account if your truck needs repairs due to an accident (comprehensive, vandalism, collision, or fire).
* Please note that this product is not currently available in Quebec

Mechanical Downtime Protection

Provides a reimbursement to your loan or lease account if your truck has a major mechanical breakdown (power train, transmission, or drive train).
* Please note that this product is not currently available in Quebec

TruckSide Assistance and Accident Downtime Coverage

TruckSide Assistance

Get out-of-service equipment back on the road as soon as possible. It's something you hope never happens to you and your equipment - forced down time due to a breakdown. And it's where TruckSide Assistance can help you, immediately.

Accident Downtime

Accident Downtime Coverage is an affordable and convenient solution to protect your equipment. If your truck is in the repair shop due to a traffic accident, upset, fire and/or vandalism, Accident Downtime Coverage will cover up to four lease/finance payments.

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